Frequently Asked Questions


Are Microwefts and Microlinks the same service?

While microweft and microlink are used interchangeably. Microwefting is the use of microlinks to add weft extenstions to the clients hair. We also use microlinks in applying I-Tips. Both services are available at Canvas Hair Studio. Check out our Artistic Director, Chara, as she explains the difference in a video here.


How much is the Microweft and I-Tip service?

These services differ in application, longevity and cost. , Because no two manes are the same, we start the process with a consultation in order to provide our clients with a clean, versatile and quality hair installation. During the consultation, our stylist helps you determine which service best suits your specific hair needs and provides you with a quote. You can book your consultation here or call 713-239-4260.

Are Microwefting or I-Tips tips ideal for people with natural or short hair?

Yes! Both methods were made for those who want to let their natural hair be free. We have a wide selection of extension options to fit all natural hair types. Also, if your hair is short, no problem. We just need 3-4 inches of natural hair to provide a secure install.


Where can I get the hair needed for Microwefts and I-Tips?

We make the process as easy as possible  by providing a variety of different hair types and lengths for you to choose from at the salon. 


I’m ready to experience the benefits of Microwefts and I-Tips. Where can I book my appointment?

We can’t wait to service you! Book your consultation here, and we will answer any additional questions you have, discuss pricing and guide you through selecting the best extensions before booking your installation.


How do I maintain these methods?

Proper maintenance is key to ensure your style lasts. We recommend a touch up on your Microwefts every 2 to 3 weeks, and a touch up on your I-Tips every 6 to 8 weeks. Our hair stylists won’t let you leave the chair without setting you up for success. We’ll recommend the best products to help you maintain your style until your next visits.


Do you offer workshops and classes for stylists to learn more about the Microweft and I-Tip technique? 

Absolutely! We provide opportunities for hair professionals to enhance their skills on Mondays. You can call 713-239-4260 to schedule a class.


What are I-TIPS ?

I Tips use small metallic cylinders (microlinks) to seamlessly attach your natural hair to I-Tip hair extensions. Our expert stylists link your hair strand to the I-Tip extension without the use of thread or glue. You’re left with a flawless, flat install that keeps your natural hair secure. I-Tips are a great long-term solution for individuals with an active, busy lifestyle.


How long do I-Tips last?

With proper care and maintenance, I-Tips can last up to 5 months.


How long is the I-Tip service?

The length of service depends on the thickness of your natural hair, but our clients can expect to be in our comfortable salon for between 5-7 hours. 


What are microwefts?

The microweft method uses metallic beads to add wefts of hair in between your natural hair. The weft is horizontally placed and combined with your natural hair before it is pulled through a bead. The result? Fuller and longer hair without heat or glue. This installation method is perfect for those who want flexibility with styling their extensions. 


How long do microwefts last?

With proper care and maintenance, microwefts can last 8 to 12 weeks.


How long is the micro weft service?

The microweft service can be done in as little as 1.5 hours. However, some clients will take longer depending on the fullness they desire.


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